Simple Classic Theme is no longer actively being developed. This website will remain archived until the 28th of June 2024 to ensure installed systems do not break. After that, an archive will be created elsewhere. For more information, see this post on WinClassic.

Download Simple Classic Theme

On this page you can find links to the downloads for Simple Classic Theme.

Latest (2.0.0):

SCT 2.0 is still in development. Therefore a download link is not yet available. Join the ClassicServ Discord server to get the latest updates on Simple Classic Theme's development progress.

Legacy (

Released: 30th of March 2023


Note 1: This version is provided as-is. There will be no support for it, as from this point forward focus will be directed fully towards SCT 2.0.
Note 2: If you plan to use RetroBar, make sure to have .NET Desktop Runtime 6.0 installed before installing SCT.
Note 3: Windows Defender still flags this version of SCT as malware. This is only because SCT uses a library that interfaces with low-level system API's, which normal programs do not interface. This is required to enable Classic Theme.


Note: This website is nowhere near finished. More branding, artwork and imagery is to be added, and the feature list is to be expanded.