Simple Classic Theme is no longer actively being developed. This website will remain archived until the 28th of June 2024 to ensure installed systems do not break. After that, an archive will be created elsewhere. For more information, see this post on WinClassic.


You can find the latest news regarding SCT on this page. Come back frequently to find out about new releases and important announcements.

Website hack


Simple Classic Theme's website got hacked earlier this day. It seems to be caused by an insecure PHP file browser I had installed on the server for easy access. It was old PHP and SSL was disabled on the subdomain. I should have known better. I have fully removed the file browser and I have reloaded a backup from a yesterday.

There was a fake Google Chrome update page on the website. Do NOT run ANYTHING you downloaded from that page. It was neither from Google nor from me.

SCT 2.0 Release Schedule


The development of SCT 2.0 has been going on for very long so I have decided to make a (relatively) tight release schedule for the upcoming beta versions:

SCT 2.0 Public Beta 3:

SCT 2.0 Public Beta 4:

SCT 2.0 Release Candidate:

The final release of SCT 2.0 will be somewhere at the end of November. To get access to the public beta versions, go to this page.

A quick note: most of SCT's components will be renamed to Leet.ClassicTheme.x. This is because some components will be released in separate libraries and these libraries must be named according to .NET standards.

Release: SCT Hotfix


Due to numerous issues regarding the setup wizard inside of SCT 1.6, hotfix has been released. The setup wizard has been fixed and tested. You can find the release here.

Note: This version is provided as-is. There will be no support for it, as from this point forward focus will be directed fully towards SCT 2.0.

Note: This website is nowhere near finished. More branding, artwork and imagery is to be added, and the feature list is to be expanded.